King Pyrrhus of Giffnock

In the 3rd century BC, King Pyrrhus took part in a bloody and draining war against the Romans. After one battle, during which he lost all of his commanders and friends, he is reputed to have remarked ‘one more victory like this and we are lost’. As King James of Giffnock moves smoothly towards his new position as head of the minor royal House of SLAB, it is useful to remember the principles behind the story of that Greek aristocrat from Epirus.

What Pyrrhus realised is that some victories are gained at such cost, that it would have been better not to have had the battle at all. The Referendum is Labour’s Pyrrhic Victory. They won and they crowed, yet though the new cockerel is about to take his place on a diminishing dunghill, the days ahead are dark indeed.

The winning was achieved through an unholy alliance of all those who despise every principle Labour members used to hold dear. For that alone, the Labour Party will pay at their next battle in May. Led by the King of Giffnock, the now tattered and shrunken army will attempt to take on a rejuvenated and principled electorate, who actually have principles for which to fight. Here’s to the 52% and rising!


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