Both Votes SNP

It has been interesting to watch the tactics of the press, in the last few months. Even the dogs in the street know that the SNP are going to win May 5th and possibly win big. What is a Unionist media baron to do in the face of the oncoming juggernaut? The answer seems to be: confuse the voter. In Scotland we have two votes: one to elect an MSP in our local constituency and one to elect a list candidate. It is a type of proportional representation, which supposedly allows parties who would not normally get enough votes in a constituency system to be given List candidates in some proportion to the percentage of votes cast for them.

Under the first past the post system used in Westminster, we have the offensive absurdity of a party ruling over us all, when 63.2% of the population voted against them. This gets worse, if you look at the fact that 34% of the population did not bother to vote. This means that 24.3% of the adult population of the United Kingdom voted for the Tories. Democracy, my pert pink bahookey.

At least the benighted electors of Jockistan have been allowed a slightly more sensible system, although it is still not my favourite. I do not like D’Hondt system, because it provokes confusion – and confusion is the only friend of the Unionist losers.The pro-Westminster press, for which read everybody but the National, are full of commentary on who deserves the List vote of the electors. This is merely sowing weeds on our Caledonian cloth of gold.

The tactic is quite understandable: confuse enough voters to give their List vote to another candidate, in the hope that enough SNP candidates on the List fail to be elected and the SNP are hobbled by the lack of a majority. In this case I urge all the friends of Independence to concentrate support on the one-party who unequivocally want Scotland to be independent and who are able to do something about it.

It cannot he said enough times: the only question for any politically inclined Scot is the question of independence. It does not matter what your political persuasion might be: whilst Westminster pulls the strings on the Caledonian puppet, all other discussions are moot.

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