Out of the Ashes of Brexit

Greek culture gave us the legend of the Phoenix, which was resurrected from the ashes of its predecessor. This symbol of renewal came to my mind this morning, as I read article after article on the chaos surrounding Brexit. On the one hand, with the exception of the SNP, no politician has the slightest idea of what they’re doing. On the other hand this chasm that is yawning wide in our democratic process can lead to the birth of a new politics and possibly new parties.

I do not include the SNP in these thoughts, because they are the only ones with a clear platform for the future. Nicola Sturgeon is already in Brussels, being met by the people who will decide what will happen to the xenophobic imbeciles who genuinely thought that ‘two world wars and one World Cup’ was an intellectually robust analysis of Europe in the 21st-century.

The plight of the Labour Party has piqued my interest. Jeremy Corbyn has been attacked in a carefully planned manner, which has surely been prepared since he won a handsome mandate from the members of the Labour Party. I do not recognise those who oppose him as ‘Labour’ people in any meaningful sense of the term. They are in the wrong party. They do not hold as dear, any of the ideals for which the founders of the Labour Party stood. As the fires of dissent consume the Party, I hope that it is reborn, with Corbyn again at the helm. With a final crushing defeat delivered to them, I hope that the traitors to an ideal of social justice, finally take their exit and join their friends in any other right of centre party they choose.

A reinvigorated left of centre English party can then pursue a distinct course and give back hope to millions of people who do not have any current alternatives for their beliefs. Brexit is not the end. It can be the beginning of a new and happier post-imperial England. Or you can all move to Scotland 😉