July 9th 2008


I wonder how many millions of people have done what I am just starting… and then given up after a week. Not me, no sir. I intend to faithfully log the interesting bits of living in Glasgow until Glasgow becomes boring.

Looks like I’ve given up a hostage to fortune there – but we shall see.

In no particular order, the things which I love about Glasgow are: the architecture, the people, the football, the sense of excitement and energy which pervades the place.

And what do I do to make life a little more interesting? I teach in a Glasgow High School, I’ve written a book for children and I’m writing a book on Glasgow sports architecture. More of those in later blogs. If I’ve got my iPhone or camera with me, then I’ll snap anything that takes my fancy.

That’s what keeps me going when the nights draw in. Anyway, here’s one of my pictures: taken on the iPhone so the quality is charming rather than professional.



Daldowie Doocot c1745


I saw this building by chance when I was walking down the Hamilton Road from Mount Vernon Station.  I was actually looking for the remains of the Mount Vernon dog track at Bogside Road. Doocots (dovecots) were pigeon lofts where the pigeons (doos)were used for food. Sometimes they were built with a strong ‘show-off’ element. A stone monster like this is certainly overkill.  It’s grade A listed as well.


It had originally been on what is now the Daldowie sewage works and was in a state of disrepair. Cue the Landtrust getting involved and having it moved and repaired. I hope it will appear in my book ‘Played in Glasgow’ because it’s the great great granpappy of the doocots spread across Glasgow which are used for sport.


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